Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Trying to find a car park.. at Sarawak General Hospital

Walter had an appointment a few days ago at the hospital, at 10 am.. an unusual time for us. Normally we prefer the early morning or late afternoon appointments. Why? Because then there is a chance to get a place to park the car!
This time, I took leave and drove Doren and Walter, which is quite normal for us. Dropped them at the main entrance and then proceeded to circle around trying to find a place to park.
The whole hospital complex was full with cars, double parked, park on the road divider, park on the grass, park any where and everywhere. I even saw one frustrated and angry family, whose car was blocked by an inconsiderate person, who parked his/her car in front of theirs without at the very least leaving a number to call. But this is a common issue at Sarawak General Hospital.
Anyways, by the time I found a place to park (even went and waited at Unimas), Doren called and said that the appointment was done. 1 hour plus had gone by!
I pity those that don't have anyone to drive them there and have to search for a car park. Also noticed that the car park outside is now at RM3, but still full. Oh well, there is no real public transport and the only reliable means of transport is by car or motorbike.. so I guess Kuching and therefore Sarawak General Hospital too will be getting worse in its parking situation... : (
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