Tuesday, April 7, 2009


We were looking for a bread maker.. and was told that this company had one. So we went there and looked through their sales material.. which was still current (till 30 April 2009).
And they had a bread maker.
We went to get the coupons they needed and when we came back they said the company does not sell the product anymore, it was unavailable in Kuching, and that they have checked with Kuala Lumpur... no more. This from the same lady that promised us the product was still available. They called a few persons, and spoke in Chinese, and told us, none. Wonder even if she was talking of the product or just saying hello to the person on the other line. First of all, if the product is discontinued, one should not place it in your advertisements! Or at least be aware that it is discontinued and advise your customers.
I was rather irritated. This is a typical tactic of many Malaysian companies, that will draw you in to buy something.. that is no longer available (which they don't tell you) and then ask you to buy other things... irritating.. and the gall to ask us to buy other things. Wasted my time to drive there (twice). My sister then tells us that many people have found this bread maker to be not so good ... and so we then ended up going to the Spring to see if they had a bread maker.. and still looking.
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