Thursday, May 7, 2009


Who here loves to go to the dentist? Voluntarily... Not me.
Felt like my filling had gone out and with my schedule.. so went to see the dentist... its very difficult to get an appointment... and then its just the fear.. well in me anyway, sitting and waiting in the dentist waiting room, looking at the walls with the various dental ailments and the doctors charts, licence, fees etc ..Then they call you in and sit in the chair... I kinda stop breathing, with panic attacks and have to try to calm myself down. So far this dentist is good and calming, as I have point blank told her I hate going to the dentist.
Must be because of those early years in Terengganu where as school children we will be called out of class to go to see the Dentist (government training center nearby) where many of my teeth were filled in or taken out.. and the sound, oh the sound.. with the dentist asking to open wider... (what wider... that's all I have, my jaws are aching)... I want to get up and leave, or spit and can't, and the pain, small insignificant pain, but aching...many times I would take a few Panadols after a visit to a dentist, plus with the surgery I had to go through when I was in New Zealand because of an infected tooth...
This time its nothing, so a quick clean and I am off home...
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