Thursday, May 14, 2009

KLIA Lounge Again..

I am at KLIA Business Lounge again... waiting for my flight back to Kuching at 8.55pm.
Doren called this afternoon to say the Vina got Hand Foot & Mouth Disease.. aiyaa... must be her brother going to kindergarten and bringing in back home, and my wife so stress out and nearly crying.. but Vina is OK and active.. so the doctor say OK, got medicine and just to take care. So Walter is also banned from going to Kindergarten. This is not the first time HFMD has appeared at that kindergarten and in Kuching.
On a separate note... finished conducting my workshop in UPM. I think tried to cram in too much in too short a time, but most participants were happy with the workshop. Had only 1 very negative comments and response from a participant, which still hurts. Oh well, you try your best and cant please everyone.
Now to go home sleep and have appointments tomorrow, at 9, 10, 11, and 2. Then pick up Mark at the airport and get ready to go to Mumbai.
Need good health.. and rest.

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