Thursday, May 14, 2009

Kolok Mee Breakfast

Last Saturday, we .. the whole family with my sister-in-law family, went for Kolok Mee for breakfast. Drove all the way back to Kota Samarahan.. because this is the shop my wife likes, and she wanted me to drive her car which she said was causing problems (drove and all OK).
The shop is at the back of the commercial center near Desa Ilmu, facing the 4 storey apartments. Its run by this lady that is friendly with my wife.. and we love the kolok mee here.. just that its not that good for my diet or health... ha ha ha.
After driving all the way here, only my wife had kolok mee... : )
My nephew had kuey tiaw and my niece .. well she is still a baby .. had two meatballs from my wife.. ha ha ha...
So drove all the way...for my missus... oh well... we had a nice time driving around.. and after breakfast drove to Mambong and to PPDK Mambong to see the place and to 10th Mile and back.

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