Sunday, May 31, 2009

Neighbor's Sister Wedding

Last night went to a wedding, my neighbor's sister's wedding, Sarina and Edwin. I was actually still tired, but must go as we knew them from a long time. Anyways, it was nearby, at the golf course clubhouse near the University.Quite a nice set up, and there was nuts and sticky glutinous rice on the table. Had another neighbor at the table so someone to talk to. The food was good, Chinese style in a Iban and Kenyah wedding. Truly Malaysian. There was the normal band boys (loud music) and liquor served to everyone. There was dances, songs, and young girls in Iban costumes. The usual toast, and cutting the cake, with the unusual game of teasing the bride and bridegroom. I only took 1 shot of liquor served by the bride, while beer and liquor flowed freely. We left early, as the dancing continued.. coz I don't dance.. really, trust me... you don't want to see me dance .. ha ha ha.

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