Saturday, June 20, 2009

My eyes and My glaucoma

These are pictures of my right and left eye, from the specialist report to me.
My pressure is normal but my eye is thin (what irony.. the part that has to be fat/thick like me isn't), so the pressure becomes high. I definitely have glaucoma, and he says left 30%. He is optimistic and say I must start medication, and there is surgery at the later stages. Now must take this report to my visit to the Government Hospital and get free medicine.. and hope for the best. He tested something else and that was good, the radial scan analysis and optic nerve head analysis, and my vision field is still OK.
All I can say is that I am scared, tired of it all, but being practical know that I must start to deal with it. Now I am a life member of the Blind Society, and must start to find a place to learn to type and also to get the software that reads the computer details to you (JAWS)... and perhaps the scanner reader for printed material... need money cause its all in US dollars and expensive. Also to learn to deal with mobility issues... and income for the family?
Hopefully God gives me a lot more years with sight..
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