Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Peter's Heart Attack

I was having lunch when Peter called me with this short message, he had a heart attack this morning and now at CCU at SGH. Immediately I messaged family members and friends and called my wife to pick me up. I was in Riverside for a UNIMAS function. When we arrived at the hospital, my mother was there. Peter looked OK and we talked to him. This morning at office, he felt a tight feeling in his chest, cold sweat and his fingers and toes were cold and numb. He asked a colleague to take him to the nearest hospital (a private hospital) where they did some test and stabilize him, and sent him to the General Hospital. The ECG (or is it EKG.. that thing the doctors do.. and you get a reading of your heart beat) was OK, but the symptoms were very akin to a heart attack, so they are putting him on watch for 3 days and and checking his blood. He was alert and looked OK. I am hoping that everything comes out good, and that he is just overworked and stressed.. which I know he is.
So further motivation to exercise and lose weight...
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