Thursday, June 4, 2009

Tyre Fire

Saw this a few days ago, a tyre fire... there is this old / used tyre storage by the roadside to Kota Samarahan (wonder whose?) and it caught fire.. the smoke was bad..and in the papers it said that the firefighters took hours and have yet to actually control it...
I wrote in my blog of this place some time back... still wonder whose and whether will there be any action against them.. not only for the fire and the smoke to the housing areas... but also, the place is a breeding ground for mosquito's.. and saw in the paper that the authorities are looking for the owners.. : )
Typical Malaysia.. the tyres had been stacked there for months, maybe years, and the local council has no idea of it... and now they are looking for the owners, after a huge fire and visits by other authorities... and the months / years that had gone by... nothing.

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