Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Exhibition at Kulim, Kedah

Was at Kulim, Kedah for a few days, at an exhibition. We were told by the ticketing agent that it was the best move to fly from Kuching to Kuala Lumpur and then to Alor Star and from there to Kulim. Turned out to be a bad move. 1. Flight delayed. 2. It was a 2 hour drive from Alor Star to Kulim. 3. If we landed in Penang, it would be a 40 minute drive max. Oh well, adventure.
First day, we all wore red/pink. Second day we wore black.
Got to speak a few words with the Kedah Chief Minister, nice and well spoken man. I get a sense that he is humble but also knows what he wants. Also got my pic in the Chinese papers.
At the end of the second day, we went to Penang... but that's another story.

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