Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Guess everyone knows what 'selsema babi' (swine flu) or H1N1 is by now. Keep getting these emails on manualsand posters on what to do. Don't know about you, but I travel a lot... and am not worried. This is not a fatal ailment (well, not always). One just has to be wise, use common sense, and take care of one's health while away on travel. If have fever/flu, see a doctor. If its H1N1, get quarantined and take the medicine given.
I am off to Kedah on Friday for an exhibition and next week I am off to Terengganu. It doesn't worry or even limit me. What irritates me is reports of those placed on home quarantine that do not stay at home. That is just endangering others.
Oh well, this is another price to pay for easy travel.. easy transmission of germs. : )

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