Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Nasi Kandar

One of the things that I missed out the last time I was in Penang was to try the Nasi Kandar (direct translation, Carry on Shoulder Rice). Nasi Kandar has a long history, as it was basically rice and various meat and vegetable curries carried on a carried over one's shoulder, to be peddled from home to home. As things got modern, these became restaurants. One of the famous ones, was Kayu Nasi Kandar, and it was just a walking distance from the hotel. You line up, tell the guy what you want and he dishes it to your plate and you pay for it and go and enjoy... The selection is huge, and I was a good boy and ate only this.. half serving of rice, a piece of chicken, and cucumber... It was good. The sad thing is when I went home, I still gained 1 kilo. Oh well, at least I tried the Nasi Kandar of Penang.

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