Monday, July 20, 2009


So arrived at Penang, and there was a driver waiting for me.Penang is dense, compact, and different from Kuching. They have very long overhead roads, that reminded me of Mumbai..
Went to the hotel, Vistana, quite nice and the room was good.One of the things that people ask me is why do I bother to travel. Well, among other things is that I get to stay in a hotel room that I normally would never stay in and most probably can never afford to... get picked up by a driver, and treated well by others. A lecturer doesnt make much in terms of Ringgit and Sen, so how else can we see the world and build connections for research and networking. A bit of the ego trip, you know, feel important.. here I am a nobody, there I am somebody. Plus its good for the CV.
: )

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