Friday, July 3, 2009

PPDK Mambong

Went for a surprise visit to PPDK Mambong, the rehab center I jointly started, on last Wednesday. We had moved to this rented place for a while, our plan is to build our own place soon. The guys there have really utilized every space possible, by growing vegetables which they have sold at nearby schools. We are trying to get some help from the various government departments for seeds and fertilizer (cut cost and whatever income they get will be helpful for their future activities). Met Madam Suji (the Center's coordinator) at the office
and looked at future activities.Also discussed how volunteers can help in the work. Also noted we were running out of canned food and started asking people for donations. Watched some activities and left to office. We are trying our best to get the center to be a place where OKU can come and improve themselves instead of just being a 'babysitting service" as well as to provide love and care for them and we are trying to look into ways to provide for the elder OKU to earn something and be actively involved in caring for themselves.
Any help that you can provide, please contact Mdm Suji at 082 - 381069.

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