Friday, July 3, 2009

Take blood

Went to hospital this morning, to take some of Walter's blood for thyroid and other tests. Walter was fine when going, but when we went in to the hospital room, he realized what was about to happen and started crying. The nurses registered him and then we put him on the bed and the nurses told me to leave but Doren could wait and help.
Now you must understand the strength and determination of my son, especially when it comes to needles. He screamed, cried, and cried. I felt like crying too, even though I know its not much, its just heartbreaking to hear him cry.

The moment it was over, he stopped crying, smiling and even the nurses joked with him.. doesn't hurt. And he had a small plaster on his hand, where he started playing Ben 10 (those with Astro cartoon and children will understand!). A total transformation. : )
I must commend the nurses who did an excellent and quick job, given the nature of Walter's strong aversion to needles and nurses and doctors and hospitals... : ).
Now wait for the results.

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