Monday, August 3, 2009

Over promise under deliver

The title says it all. There was a lot of hype but no substance in my trip to Terengganu.The first hotel view of a suite.. its view of service... hype not substance.
The second hotel, had this poster of a promotion for ostrich meat, but didn't have the actual ostrich meat. You know the standard answer, we ran out of it just last night, waiting for new stock. Then for xxxxxx sake, take the poster down.
I keep on seeing this, hype after hype..and the staff don't even know what is actually going on, or how to lie better.. or just don't care.
When I was in Kulim, strong wind blew the hotel brochures on to the floor. There was a cleaning lady, the receptionist and a few hotel staff there. None even bothered to pick up the brochures. It was a hotel guest (not me, I was too busy waiting to see what would happen.. ha ha ha) asking the staff to do something that got the cleaning lady to pick the brochures up. She placed it back, but didn't put anything on it, so the very next gust of wind scattered the whole pile again, which she left alone. None of the staff did anything.
Management may have great ideas, but if its not translated to the staff, to make them understand what is happening and how their involvement is greatly required... : (

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