Sunday, August 2, 2009

Service.. actually no service

Rather disappointed with the whole hotel deal in Terengganu.
We booked a room, with the reservation number and confirmation a few days before going to Terengganu.
We arrived to find the receptionist telling us there is no booking. The person who took our reservation is away and there is no boss. After some talk, they gave us a room, supposedly a suite. Stank of cigarettes and not really a great room, but we were thankful for a place.
The next day after going walking around the town, we came back and another receptionist tells us that they have moved our things to another smaller room. My wife got mad. I was resigned to the situation. The manner of the receptionist was, well, you want it or not.
Went up, nothing moved, everything was still in the room given to us. Went down, and the receptionist tells us to please move our things to another room. Apparently last night was only complementary. We went up, as I didn't want to have a big scene. My wife was of a different issue, she was fuming. Made me go down and speak to the manager.
So we went down again. Guess what, no manager. Spoke a bit more, with a higher voice and do you know who I am tone and presto, there is a manager.
I let off some steam, and the manager said OK to use the room. No apology, nothing, from the receptionist or manager.
Went up. Doren said, lets just find another hotel. SMS Lau, got some numbers, called and got another room in another hotel. Checked out the next day.

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