Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Men can shop?

What do men do when they go to conference? Well, after the conference? They shop for their wife... unless specified clearly that they should not (like mine did). I apparently have no style
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But the others there were buying rather expensive sari's (around USD100 above for one) for their loved ones.
I used to buy things, but now I don't. One, I don't really have hundreds of dollars to throw away and two, my wife thinks I don't have a sense of style. So I buy souvenirs, preferably fridge magnets, or something that can be used.. and small and light (to carry home) and to be able to give to staff and friends.
Which makes me wonder... why is it so difficult to find small souvenirs.. and fridge magnets. Been to many countries and rather difficult to get such items.
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