Saturday, October 3, 2009

Drive with the Family

Today's driving adventure... (the photos on FB are not in order).. from home.. can see the smoldering fire (tyre factory burnt down on last Sunday.. and its still smoking)... to breakfast in town for some tongue and porridge... can still fill my sugar level
We drove to Bako, and to Kg Gerisik for a view of Kuching city. Some parts remind me of Melbourne (except Melbourne has lots more tall buildings and extremely well developed river projects and restaurants).. then to KGS to pick up mother in law and send her home.
We then went to Serian, around 45 minutes away, to see the market and on the way back explored some new roads.
Then home to enjoy the durian.. I ate only 1 seed (is that the correct term?) while Doren and Walter finished off the 3 fruits... with a few for Lilis. Vina didn't like durian.... hmmm. Upload.. and now off to town, Pasar Satok...its a busy Saturday with the family.. and its fun. The children were excited and had their fun, and it was good to be with the family.
LOL.. Walter's asleep... guess maybe not going to town again...


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