Friday, October 2, 2009

Walter's soon to be school

Doren's been worried for Walter's schooling. I... less, very much less... to the point my wife was annoyed with me. But I must state my reason.. its all set up and done by the government, we just wait.. and sure enough a letter comes. Walter is to go to Semenggok, a school that has a small building set aside for slow learners and others with disabilities. We went there and had a look and talked with the teachers. It was good to learn from them and to see the kids there. I think Doren has high hopes and I, all I want for Walter is that he can learn to be independent and speak (more than what he does now). I don't expect much from the school, as they are overpopulated with students and underpopulated by teachers (same problem at the PPDK / Rehab Center). This will always be a problem among the 'lesser' of our society. So we do what we can, and we try to make it better.... maybe not for my child but hopefully for others.But I can understand what Doren is going through. She, I, we want our boy to be the best, and its sad to see him as he is. As a child it would be OK, people understand.. but as he gets older, I find Malaysians are less forgiving and much less loving. So by going to school, meeting more people, helping him to communicate... will help him. And will help Doren to see her boy grow. She is planning to buy his school clothes and shoes already.. and she cries. I do too, but I keep it to myself or when I put Walter to sleep at night.

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