Saturday, September 26, 2009

Tyre.. or is it Malaysiana...

Some time back I wrote about this huge stock pile of tyres by the roadside and worried of its impact, i.e. mosquito breeding ground, fire etc.
Then I wrote about a huge fire with dark clouds reaching my housing area.. yup, that tyre pile went up in smoke.
Then it came out in the papers, with various men in power visiting the site and promising that stern action will be taken and all that rubbish (oops, sorry, all that wonderful promises).
Today, as I drove by with my family.. and stopped and took this photo... I don't see any difference. The tyres are still there, I don't hear of anything happening to anyone, and we are now back to square one.. a place for potential hazards to the public from mosquito breeding ground, fire etc. Huh.. wait a moment.. I think I wrote that a few months or was it years ago... LOL.
This is Malaysia. You will see huge write ups in the newspaper when a disaster happens, with various men of power posing for photographs. Then... nothing. Its back to the same old thing. Sad.
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