Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Raya Visitation

It wasn't much of a Raya visitation this year as much as looking after the kids. The 2nd day of Raya.. and Vina was so so and Walter was OK (both had been unwell) and so we thought of visiting our neighbors. Walter sets off OK and then throws a tantrum at the first house. No amount of coaxing will get him out of the car. At the second house, he transforms into an angel, goes in and shakes hands with everybody, tells stories (with his hands and expressions) and smiles throughout! A total transformation in minutes.

Its a norm in Malaysia to visit friends during celebrations, and eat and eat and eat. The usual biscuits and cakes are there. This time didn't manage to sample much as went to only 1 house, which in a way is good for me as I am trying to control my weight. The food was good, at Kak Liza's house. Walter enjoyed the pegedil and was stuffing himself and had to stop him. Well, at least we had one Raya visit..

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