Monday, October 12, 2009

Family Time

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Been intentionally spending time with family.

My Saturdays and Sundays in the past has been busy with activities geared to my career or welfare work, but have intentionally slowed that down. My wife still thinks I am way too actually planned to read a students thesis last weekend and finish off two papers, but did not. Instead just rested, played with the children and went out for dinner on both nights.

Kuching is changing, fast. The city is developing quickly... but the support infrastructure is rather lacking, at least from my view. I foresee a continuous and rather bad traffic jam downtown because of the enormous build up in buildings but no new parking and the roads remain the same. The road I take to the University everyday remains the same, but housing projects have grown like mushrooms after the rain, causing relatively minor traffic jams (more houses therefore more people and more cars but same 2 lane road and no new parking). On the way to work there are schools and markets, and people just park their cars by the side of the road or on the road, causing more traffic jams. There is even a very popular small sundry shop that causes a jam every time I go back. I can count the times I see policemen there.

But I must say that the stroll through Kuching Waterfront was good. Saw the old boat that we used for our wedding dinner, still steaming away on the river. The new DUN (Dewan Undangan Negeri / State Government Representatives Building) building stands tall and is a new photo magnet. Didn't see many tourist though..

And again to All Joy, for dinner.. written about it.. but my wife loves the place...

It was a good weekend.. now back to work!

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