Wednesday, October 14, 2009

What is it with Kuching drivers?

This morning on the way to work, at a crossroad, we were waiting our turn to turn to the main road... and a line of cars was behind us.. and a car came from way behind to the wrong side of the road.. making it impossible for cars to turn into our road.. came to my side , and inched out and then zoomed onto the main road.. causing a few motorbikes and cars to brake and a few showing their finger at him... and the driver just didn't care... and the car was full with passengers.. what was the emergency... everyone was going to work but why must you drive like that?
Yesterday, my wife parked her car properly at a parking spot near Unaco. A car parked on the road blocking her. When she came she saw there was a lady on the passenger seat texting, so she asked her if can move the car.. the lady said her friend was in the supermarket and my wife could wait! My wife started to horn her car horn.. and the lady made no attempt to move the car.. and later the driver came out of the supermarket, another young lady.. and casually walked to her car, didn't say sorry for blocking my wife's car and just drove away. Both were on the hand phone and both didn't even bother of others.
And there are many more stories.. please tell me.. by writing in the comments of your experiences...
Are we that inconsiderate?
Are we really that rude?
Or is it a demon that possesses us when we get behind a wheel?

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