Monday, October 19, 2009

PDK Mambong Charity Dinner

I write this after watching (partly, cant watch all) a video sent by Prof Syafiq on the suffering of African children. Its bad, very bad... and the situation in Malaysia is nothing as bad as there.

Yet, I must still draw attention of the general public to the plight of the disabled and needy in our community, lest in case in our complacency, in our belief that everything is wonderful, others suffer.
That's one of the reasons why I choose to be involved in PDK Mambong, a rehabilitation center for the disabled. We are a community based project, helped generously by the government through the Welfare Department. Still, its never enough.
One of the ways that we get funds and get people to notice our work and the plight of the disabled is through our Charity Dinners. This year we have done 5. All in different villages under the constituency of YB Dato James and YB Dr Jerip. All in conjunction with the village committee and with their help.
This time, I was very happy with the turnout, but there were still some weaknesses. Basic things... but then again, I think Suji was overworked and we were short staffed on the night. What I was happy for was that YB Dato James was very forgiving and took it in his stride, and made the night less informal and more fun for everyone.
The food was so so, but the atmosphere was good. My ears were ringing by the first hour... the music as usual was loud. What was good was that the people went out to the dance floor and enjoyed themselves. YB sang two songs while we were there and made RM200 and RM600 for each song respectively. Hoped he sang more as the night went on. We even arranged for a Happy Birthday song for one of Sue Walker's kids..
Overall it was good.

Yet, this is just the tip of the iceberg. We may not have such bad cases such as in Africa, but we have cases that need to be dealt with, yet with limited funds and people. One good thing about these dinners we have had is that it opens the eyes of the general public on the needs of disabled kids. We have over 100 kids registered with us now... and they all need care, and I am sure there are more in the villages, and we hope to get to them before whatever help we can give becomes limited. Every bit of help is appreciated.
Look at Africa, but also cast your eyes on the villages in our own land and see if we can be of help..


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