Sunday, November 29, 2009

Driving in Kuching

I just don't know what is it about Kuching drivers.
I just find it irritating to drive to town or in town. If at all possible I would just rather not drive. I really do wonder where are the policemen of Kuching.. and wonder why not more people are caught. This is just today, of what I remember..
1. As we were reaching 7th Mile traffic lights, an idiot zoomed and swerved in front of us and then went to the right (lanes to turn into 7th mile) into the yellow box. At least he stopped. Then right on straight. Young boy driving a old Iswara.
2. As we were coming into Jalan Keretapi, another idiot from the feeder road on our left, just zoomed in to the main road. The joke is we were on the 2nd lane and he still managed to make me stop and swerved to the right to avoid him. Another young guy in a souped up Wira.
3. We laughed when we saw this at the traffic light turning to Green Road/Saberkas. An "auntie" driving an expensive car stopped in the shade, while there was enough space in front of her to place at least 4 cars. She was in her car, why stop so far away from the car in front?
4. A small Viva, zoomed right near behind us, and I was going at 80kmh, followed so closely that it made me slow down and he overtook us and zoomed on, zig zagging in between cars. The car was filled with a young family, all not wearing seat belts.
5. Same thing a bit later but with a Myvi. They dont seem to worry of their family in the car, and a seat belt still seems optional.
6. On the way back, a 4 wheel drive truck on my left decided to go to the right where I was, just after the traffic light (near the pottery places), without indicating. I had to slam on my brakes to avoid hitting him. Then this idiot drives at 50kmh on the fast lane. When we reach the 6th mile traffic lights he stops in the middle of the two lanes!
7. Forget the idiots who just drive at 40kmh on the right side of the road; or those who just go on ahead when the lights are red (especially at 7th Mile traffic light); or those who speak on the hand phone and slowly .. oh so ever slowly drive; or the motorcyclist who texts from his hand phone while driving in front of you; ... oh well... you get the idea.
That's just today.
No wonder my blood pressure is high!
I think I need to get a driver... but it will be cruel punishment for anyone..

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