Sunday, November 22, 2009

Entrepreneur Talk at Pusa

On Friday, I was approached by a colleague and friend, Harry Entebang, to join him to go to Pusa to give a talk on entrepreneurship. That night was the International Graduates Night Dinner and we had to leave the next morning.. so had very little sleep. But nowadays, if I can, I want to go and see places, people, events and better still if I can contribute, before I cannot see anymore anyway (touch wood, hope that will be a long long long time more in coming).
Doren joined us and we traveled to Pusa. I like travelling to the countryside, the view is wonderful and there is always something new to see. There were places that I had not been too recently and places I haven't been to. You can see the change in the Sarawak landscape, from city, towns, small villages, a few houses and then jungle or durian tress, and nowadays more likely oil palm plantations. I like to see the paddy fields, green patches in between jungle or fruit trees. We were traveling too fast to just stop and take photos, plus the road and traffic really didn't allow us to do so, but its beautiful. I also enjoy seeing the rivers and sad to see the rivers that were clear now run muddy or blocked. We passed by a river that Harry used to jump in and swim but was now dark and blocked with debris. On the way back we went in to Engkilili, just to see the place, a row of old shop houses facing the river. Reminded me of Sematan, same style except that Sematan faced the sea.
The talk was held in a school and the YB had just finished her session when we arrived. People were restless as they waited for their lunch and we walked around to see the few Ministry of Agriculture and FAMA booths. I personally think that what was shown was beyond the scope of small agricultural farmers and my view is still that the government should help to coordinate and create cooperatives among the villagers to help build their business acumen and generate wealth. As I shared with them during our talk; When it is durian season, you have a durian tree and I have a durian tree. Both of us want to sell durian, but both of us have more than enough durian. Somehow or rather we must sell to someone else who has no durian. I shared with them what I have seen done in Taiwan and saw that the Ministry official taking notes, hopefully something will happen. I am thankful to Harry for sharing this opportunity with me. It was very kind hearted of him and we (Doren and myself) enjoyed ourselves.
I was rather sad to see that we still cant seem to keep our toilets clean. The men's toilet was not flushed and the women's toilet was no better (according to Doren). I dont understand this, as we Malaysians are very particular of our own homes and toilets but when it comes to public toilets (and this is a school toilet), its just left to waste.
On our way back, we stopped for some fruit and there were a group of big bikers resting. Had a short chat and looked at the bikes. Now to look for a bike. I am trying to slow down on this, and place it as a reward for me, if I lose another 15 to 20 kilos more. But then will that be too late?
On the way back it rained but all was good. I also noticed the bridges - all had the same style. Must have been built ages ago.
We reached home safely around 8 and went to pick up the kids and the maid. Doren had to have a burger, so did I. LOL. There goes the diet. This week, I gained nearly 2 kilos this week, just like that. Why.. didn't exercise and there was a few big dinners and lunches (LOL, my own choice). So sad.
It was an enjoyable trip... now to prepare for this afternoon's PDKM Meeting (Rehab center). Pics on FB at:
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