Thursday, November 19, 2009

Kuching Drivers

I know I have written about this before.. but it just irks me..
Why we don't follow the rules, drive in such a hurry and cause problems for others?
This morning, left a bit early than my normal time (I leave a bit late to work just to avoid this) and as expected, cars just broke the law in order to (supposedly) shave a minute or two off their precious time (while creating trouble for others). The first picture.. this is a roundabout... the white truck and others following behind are breaking the law by driving on the wrong side of the road. Cars that are coming in to the housing area have to squeeze past them and cars that follow the rule of a roundabout.. well, who's brave gets in. The second picture shows how 'brave' Malaysian drivers are. It's a 1 lane leading out but there are three 'lanes' in front of me. The white car had zoomed in from the back and edged out into the traffic (causing trouble for others) and then zoomed out. Hey, if you dont want to be late... have you considered leaving earlier?

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