Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Teaching is so ...

Just received my Semester 2 08/09 student evaluation of my teaching. Overall a B grade (out of a A, B, C, D, E grade). The sad thing is that for the fist time there are students who rated me at E. Just feel disappointed. Here one tries one's best to teach an extremely difficult subject (Research Methodology for Economics and Business), with hours of preparation and tutorials to teach students how to use SPSS.. and there are those who rate me as E!
Oh well, its a normal curve... LOL.There are also A's. Average out - B.
But it hurts. But as the saying goes, what hurts you but doesn't kill you just makes you stronger/better.
One student made a rather weird comment, "Lecturer keep on sneezing in class." I don't know whether to laugh or cry at that kind of a comment. I do admit there was a few times when I had the flu but struggled on to teach a class. Hey, I covered my nose when I sneezed. LOL.
Others were just not right, such as "Please make clear clarification of the assignment." Everything was prepared and informed in the first class (which many students did not attend) and posted on Morpheous (on-line website for class notes and teaching learning; which many students did not read). I find a common phrase among students when I ask them where did they hear / learn of my assignments - "Kawan saya bagi tahu (My friend told me)," which raises a question in my mind... why didnt you find out for yourself?
But these statements are the rarity. But I like them. Why? Even if it hurts, and I admit it does, it allows me to look into the preparation of my classes in the future and make my classes better. Sorry I couldn't make it the best for you now, but I tried.
Of course there was praises, but I learnt that just listening to praises is nice for the feeling and ego but doesn't help in the long run if I want to better myself. I must seek and obtain the criticisms in order to better myself. Hey, I know I am not a good lecturer (plus now with less and less time to prepare). I am learning to be better, with every class and every lecture.
Nevertheless I am sad for this batch of students. I find them too pampered, too lazy, too molly cuddled. There doesn't seem to be an urgency among them, to search for knowledge, to do more than expected. I fear for them when they go out to the real world and experience bosses who scold more, louder and coarser than me. Buts that's a teacher speaking. We worry for our students. They...
I wish them the best.

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