Saturday, October 31, 2009

Padawan Raft Safari 2009

We have been planning to go and watch the Padawan Raft Safari since we saw the buntings by the road side. Just didn't know where exactly to go. Finally after some phone calls and a short trip on the Internet, got it.
Went this morning. Was a slow drive, to enjoy the sights. My navigator and camera woman (Doren) was not so good at both... lol... and we nearly fought over this. But cool heads prevailed.
We first drove to Kg Danu for the flag off. By the time we got there, there was so many cars parked by the side of the road. We parked right at the end.. and walked to the starting point. It was hot. There was some people, not as many as I expected. We went to the hanging bridge to see the action and could see the participants in the river, on their rafts or canoes. Some seemed capable, a lot were not. Saw one raft floating away with one guy on it and the others hanging on. Thank God they had life jackets, so they were bobbing next to the raft. LOL.
YB Dato James Dawos was there, in the middle of the river, on a sandbar, flagging people off. : ) I like him as a YB. He has really shown his interest and involvement with the community.
We then drove to the end point, Kg Git. By river its a 26 mile journey. By road.. feels short, but the scenery was beautiful. We went a bit fast and missed a guy selling durian. Haiz.. otherwise could have had durian for lunch.
At Kg Git, there was some stalls set up and later there would be a show etc for the closing ceremony. We wandered through the Kg (short form for Kampung, i.e. village). It was interesting to note that the ladies of the Kg were collecting funds, i.e. through giving a corsage (made of shiny paper/plastic) and the expected donation of RM1. We noticed that a few persons didn't seem to know the custom. Saw some interesting finger food, from catfish, burgers, to tradtional Bidayuh food such as rice cooked in pitcher plant. There was also a DeeJay, perched on a tree overlooking the river.
Seems that there was a UNIMAS contingent, that I didn't know of. UNIMAS won in the canoe and the police came in first in the raft category. The ladies of Kg Git won the women raft category. We stayed for a while and then drove back... guess what was available at 10th Mile... Durian. That's another story.
I enjoyed the trip and saw many places that normally would not see. I see potential for tourism. I heard there were some kayak/canoe tours, but cant even find details of it. There is no transport for people from town to go to this place, so only those involved and people from nearby came. But I see potential.


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