Saturday, December 5, 2009

Walter's School Clothes

Can I be negative.. just for a moment..or must I put up the brave face and smile as if nothing is amiss.
My wife see this event as a great event, her son is going to school, and we are now shopping for his school clothes. Albeit Walter will be going to a school for handicapped children where there is not enough teachers and most probably Walter will only learn how to color, which he is already good at. I want him to be able to speak, at the very least. I need him to, because I fear for his future, and for me to speak to my son, to know that he knows that I love him. Yet I know I must be brave, for him and for many more now under our wings at the rehab center. My boy, smiles, and is excited. Seems that my wife is too. I, happy and at the same time sad, very sad. I wonder if he is even aware what this short trip means, indicates, points to? All he is aware to me is that he is out with us, for a car ride and to a shopping center. He is playing with shoes. Doren is seriously looking for various pairs of shoes. People are looking at Walter, staring even. He runs into the Bata shop, and as I walk in, he sits down, puts his hand out and indicates for me to sit down with him. I am sitting down in the Bata shoe shop, just looking at my son. He is happy. So am I.We then went looking for his shirt and trousers for school. Doren is in her element and is happy fiddling with many different choices of a white shirt and blue pants! Me.. getting bored. Walter, excited.
My son in his first school clothes. No matter how negative I may be, I am proud, of him. After all the trials and tribulations he has gone through, I am proud of him. My son, Walter. He is going to school you know.. and I am crying as I write this.
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