Thursday, January 28, 2010

Malay TV Drama

God how bad the Malay drama on TV is.. yet at the same time there are many people who like it and follow it (my wife for one).. and she criticizes the shows I like to watch, like Star Trek and others of that genre, even CSI and some of the different taste.

Why do I say the Malay drama on TV is bad.
1. Script - lousy, not real or even a tad realistic at all. Very poor script writing and in some cases even the language is bad (again, not real... as in no one in real life will speak like that!).
2. Actors - god, how bad are they.
3. Story line - again, how does one do not puke their guts out... and you really wonder if the writers/directors and anyone involved spent even a second to think how realistic the story line is? Its either the multi billionaire business with wheeling and dealing or the soap opera of the poor (usually marrying up) with all the virtues of God himself, teaching the bad, who come to their senses and embrace all that is good (sorry.. have to puke some more, coz I really haven't seen this in real life). And by the way, the bad people in real life usually dont go up to you and say "I am bad." The latest drama that my wife is following (Naomi) really tops the chart!
4. Lack of research - this is obvious, as the story lines do not reflect reality. I really do not know who in real life acts like what is depicted on TV.
5. Even the comedies s**k! Raja Lawak... I sat through (wife watching) and we didn't laugh at all! I wonder what was so funny? I can sit and watch Rowan Atkinson just speak and I will laugh!

At the same time I really wonder what the TV bosses are trying to portray? Something that is not existent in the real world? Perhaps they should get out of their offices and see whats happening around them...

I know its a drama, but then again... haiz.


P.S. - did you see the 1Malaysia ad where the Mat Salleh speaks in Bahasa Malaysia... God! Wonder who was the director, script writer etc... , excuse me while I go and puke!!!!!
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