Monday, January 18, 2010


I knew going to church on Sundays will have a positive pay back.... wow, $6.000.000.
(Being sarcastic again, if you didn't notice)
God help me! What fool will believe this. What more if it was sent to someone who is not particularly that religious or worse, not of this religion. LOL.
And haven't they heard of a spell checker! Don't this idiots have anything better to do?

Dearest Friend
I am Rev. J. Edward Michael ,an Executor of the Will of Late Bishop Benson
Idahosa,he stipulated in his will that some certain amount of money should
be given to some churches and christains who have shown their zeal and
will for the propagation of the Gospel.
As an executor of the Will,I have conducted a search and made money
available to those listed in the will,but up till now many of them
have not come up to collect their funds either they are dead or cannot be
traced till this day.
I am contacting you to stand as one of the beneficiaries so that the funds
that have not be claimed can be paid to you and then,i shall cover over to your country
for the shareing,the total amount is $6.000.000.
Please get in touch with me as soon as you get this message today. Take care.
Contact me through my private E-mail :
Remain Bleesed,
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