Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Some pics and stories

Been going to the golf course near the Uni for lunch recently, nice place, a bit high on the prices but that's what you pay. Wonder should I become a social member.. but then again, what would I actually do there?

No, it's not blood... its ketchup! Vina seems to like to eat ketchup, and it ends up all over her.

I see this every time I go to hospital, and its a pain. I want to lose weight, but I have to work and I love my food! LOL. Have to start again the diet and exercise...

Saw this as we took Vina to have her jab. LOL. The sign is placed on the pillars by the road side and right next to every sign is a 'rich man's' car and on a yellow line.

Student election. rather boring and uneventful this year. With so many rules governing students, there isnt actually anything much that the Student Union can do anyway.

Dinner at in-laws. Simple but so nice. Tapioca leaves, old hen - boiled for hours over a wooden fire in the garden and made into a soup, fried eggs and rice. Nice.

While waiting to get my blood taken for test at the General Hospital, took this pic at around 8am, so many people waiting. Guess when its free, dont complain. Anyway, I will complain. If the management already knows that the place is packed, why not a. get more staff, b. find a larger space (as most of the blood drawing must be done by specific times), c. find a different place for general blood drawing (maybe in a office block nearby?).

Was driving at Unimas and saw this banner. Colorful. Nice. But no details. When? Where?

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