Friday, April 16, 2010

Loan Shark Banners

A few weeks ago, there was so much news of how the police has been tearing down loan shark advertisements, notices and banners. News that the telephone numbers being used will be terminated.Now, they are up again.
All over .. on the way to town and to UNIMAS, on the way down from 6th mile onwards, everywhere. These banners are hanging on light poles, nailed to trees and just plastered everywhere. The joke is when I drive I see police cars, council cars, and even the telephone company cars drive by and must have seen these banners.
Here, we as law abiding persons, have to pay the councils to put up our banners and go through all the rigmarole of dealing with the bureaucracy.. and these sharks just do what they like. Worse still they just hammer in their banners into the trees with nails. And what does the police or council do? Well, for this past few weeks... nothing.
Sad. Very sad.
As the Malay saying goes, hangat-hangat tahi ayam...
Felt like wanting to just tear it down myself, but that little voice in me cautioned me not to do anything.. especially after reading in the newspapers of what these sharks have done.


PS: This is today, 17.04.10, saw new banners.. placed at strategic places, and more and more by the road side. Haiz!
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