Friday, April 16, 2010


I am actually irritated ... poor motorcyclist.. and one of the reasons I just don't bother to wash my car... LOL.Wonder who is to blame? The council for not thinking of ways to make life easier or the Contractor/Developer who just doesn't bother or the lorry drivers that are just chasing time in order to earn a little bit more.
Well, what am I ranting about... this... the amount of mud and later dust (depending on the weather) that is thrown onto the road when a construction project is started. I remember a few years ago, visiting Singapore, and saw a construction site, where there is a tank of water on the road leading out.. that lorries had to drive through, so that by the time they reached the main road, there is no mud on their tyres.. hence clean roads and no need for these poor person to endanger their lives and lungs.I wonder if we have any laws on this?

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