Sunday, April 18, 2010

Family Outing ; Sarawak Museum

We woke up late today, and so off to town for breakfast. Wife wanted to have her porridge and I hadn't had the tongue for some time. The usual place, this time with both of our kids. Walter as usual with his bread and Vina was sharing the porridge with her mum. Vina rarely smiles...After breakfast, we didn't feel like going home and since I had my camera with me, we decided to go to the Sarawak Museum. Another place that we used to drive by but never enter. The outside was the same.. and the inside.. they were setting up a new exhibition.. so went upstairs and looked at the old exhibits. Walter didn't want to go in to the 'cave' and had to carry him. The body in the vase was still there and I like the vases.. proof there was trade with China a long time ago. We then crossed the road to the next building.
Here I like... but Walter was more keen to just climb stairs. One must go upstairs and see the murals. Another must is the Palang... lol... it must have hurt but men have always been willing to do such things go see. Imagine, at a time where there was no anesthetics and pills in case something goes wrong. Couldn't take photos... haiz. The museum is a good place for a lazy morning.

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