Saturday, May 1, 2010

Back to Village

Went back to my wife's village today. Firstly to talk on the electrification process for the village. I had the chance to meet Sarawak's PWD Deputy Director some time back and raised the issue of no electricity in my wife's village, even though its just around 5km from the main grid. Managed to get people to come and see if we had enough water to run a mini-hydro for the village. Sad that they just show certain places and not all the places I asked them to; but enough electric for 1 bulb per house for 20 houses. A certain portion of the village will not get it. So we will work on that. We also discussed getting a committee set up so that the government can help out. I will also have to work on setting up some way to get help from MOSTI and perhaps even UNIMAS.
After the long talk, we went to see our house and the progress... almost This is the view from the front door of our house. I don't like the way things were progressing but I understand that the way things are discussed (long winded and detailed) is the norm and to meet and save face of everyone. I just want the house done and that's it. We now have water and just need to do parts of the ceiling and the front porch. Then some netting on the windows to stop mosquito's and paint the place. Yaa...
Then lunch at my mother in law's sisters house. Simple food, nice.. salted fish, small fish from the river, fried or steamed. I been having stomach-ache so didn't eat this time.
Sad to see her husband suffering, has some back problem that has made his right arm cold and weak, can't grip and therefore cant work the land. He was telling of how the doctors asked him to stay in the hospital for a month, at RM3 a day and he cannot afford it. Told him he could just go and the government will give him for free, plus he can get his police son to get a letter from his boss to allow free hospitalization.
Went to another house for a short chat, mother in law's younger brother. The daughter had a OK result for SPM, but dont know what to do. Too late to apply for places so suggested she go to Form 6. Thats a sad thing for them, they are poor, isolated and don't really know what is going on or even how to apply for help or for a place. Must remember to look into this later.

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