Monday, May 24, 2010

My PhD student's Viva

Today was my PhD students Viva. He is the 1st among the many students I have who has reached this stage. His name is Muhammad Mohsin Butt, from Pakistan. He has gone through a lot to reach this stage, and in many ways, so have I. Learnt a lot of following norms and dealing with people, and how matters are interpreted by different parties. Learnt also how to smile even though you are seething inside.
At the same time there is also the good; the development of a person, including myself and of new ideas and thinking in academia and perhaps even to be translated into the real world. There is always great hope that the protege will continue on and do better than you, and to see them succeed is a joy.
There is also the worry on the current batch of students that have yet to continue on. What more can I do to get them moving?
All in all, it was a sobering morning. Had lunch with Mohsin after that.. did invite all but everyone had to leave. From L - R: Prof Abu, Dr Lo, me, Mohsin, Prof Samsinar

Good luck to Mohsin. My best wishes, blessings, and prayer go to you for your now and future

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