Monday, May 10, 2010

Mothers Day

Happy Mothers Day..
We didn't do much, just had a dinner at my mother in law's place, and called up my mum. Just too busy this past few When am I not busy, I wonder.
Even though it was a simple dinner, it was good. My wife did everything, from cooking, getting everything ready and packed, and we took it all to mother in laws house. Thank you.
The kids as usual just could not wait for the food to be served.We even had a new dish, its those white things in the chicken soup. Can you guess what is it? I knew it must be some sort of palm heart, thought maybe coconut or bamboo, but it turned out to be palm oil. Quite nice too.
And as dinner nearly finished, Vina started playing with the cat.. she is normally terrified with cats, and this time with the whole gang of kids.. wow so brave.. yet I was worried that the cat might scratch her.. chased the cat away.
Then we got Walter to give a simple present to both his grandpa and grandma.. we got a watch for each of them.
A simple Mother's Day celebration. Thank you Doren.

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