Monday, May 10, 2010

Neighbors and new aircon

LOL.. its nothing of the neighbor and new aircon but on my kids and the neigbors kids and a separate story on the aircon...
Vina has a boyfriend on one side of our house and a girl friend on the other.. and even though all of them have yet to speak proper sentences they seem to communicate well... through the bars of the fences and when the parents are outside in the evening chatting. Its good to see that she has friends of her age, and Walter can intrude (he still cant talk and those of his age wont play with him).

On a different note, we got a new aircon (a 1HP cheap one) and put our old aircon (getting noisy and so many times blocked so needed constant servicing) in the back room.. just in time for a Kiwi friends visit.. guess he can sleep soundly now with the aircon just serviced and running well and not complain of the heat in Malaysia.
What was interesting was the number of people involved in the job and that it took a good part of the day, yet was surprisingly affordable. I wonder how those guys make their money. When they left, my boy took the mop from the maid and started mopping the floor. He is one good boy (sometimes).
Love you Walter.

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