Friday, October 15, 2010

Score A

My accountant calls me up and says want to see me. I said OK, and hoped that there was nothing wrong with my finances. She turns up with her husband and tell me of this business opportunity .. I always cringe when I hear that. Nevertheless, we talked and I listened to her on this.
Score A Programme .. hmm.. Only problem is that I doubt that Walter will ever want to score A.. LOL. For those who dont know, Walter has Downs Syndrome and I seriously doubt he will be sitting for Form 3 or Form 5 exams. Vina is only 2.. so I don't think I am the right market for this programme.
We talked, and I can see the angle that the programme is working on. Its aimed at all the fathers and mothers, who are so worried for their children future, who send their children to attend a million and one tuition schools for a million and one tuition classes.. and that being insufficient, hey.. you can now do your tuition by computer (Internet). At least that was what was going on in my mind as she and her husband gushed on about the programme.
But then as I thought about it, why not. Not for me of course, but for those who have children (a specific target market) who are about to take exam.. yup, a workable business.
But thats it.. its a business and every business needs time and effort. So I told them (and they knew I was not buying) that I wont buy, but will introduce them to those whom I think are interested. And for the tuition schools, an added tool that they can use, over and above what they have. So if you have a child going to take an exam this year.. plus you have a computer with Internet connection.. (dont waste it on YouTube etc only), call Adeline Liew at 250001 during office hours.
She says it works, as her children are on it.
Me, I guess you will have to wait till Vina goes to school... LOL.
I never went to tuition. Perhaps because I actually did go. We had prep classes. I was in a residential school and every day (except Saturday night and Sunday afternoon) we had prep classes in the afternoon and nights, in which we studied (most of the time) and played around (some of the time). So never needed tuition. I can understand why those without those facilities will need such a thing as Score A. Parents can monitor, children can sit and do work on computers at home (and have time set aside to do it instead of just lazing around.. some discipline needed) and may even help in their studies.
So call Adeline and tell her I you read about it on my blog (or Facebook).

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