Thursday, September 30, 2010

Home Bar

Saw this on TV.
Thirsty Traveller, 18 Sep10.

What should have in your home bar...

1. Gin

2. Vodka

3. White rum

4. Whisky
4.1 Bourbon - minimum 51% corn, 2 years in a charred barrel and drink it straight up. Mine is Jim Beam please..LOL.
4.2 Irish Whisky - smoother
4.3 Scottch Whisky - pack a bigger punch

5. Cognac

6. Port
6.1 Vintage (single)
6.2 Tawny (blend)
Minimum 10 year old and anything older better and to have after a meal (I agree).

7. Everyday drinking wine. Personally I like Merlot and the sweeter white wines, but to each their own.

8. Champagne

9. Not usually found in a home bar but a good Tequila, Blue Agave Tequila, is good.

So as I watched this show, I wonder whether should I stock up a home bar... but then I asked myself, who is going to drink. The days that I drank have long gone by. My wife doesn't touch this stuff. There are still a few bottles of Jim Beam and various wines and spirits still in the cabinet, untouched.. waiting for an occasion, so that others can drink... LOL.

Been there and done that.. another sign of getting old. LOL.

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