Thursday, September 30, 2010

Walter at the Dentist

Walter at the dentist... and behaving well. He knew he was going to the dentist as when we talked to him he nodded and pointed to his mouth, open his mouth and put his finger on his teeth. He understands. And what is amazing to me was that his mood was so good and he was so cheerful. When his name was called, he cheerfully walked in and went directly to the dentist chair. He even interacted with the dentist assistant as the dentist looked at his teeth.. and overall was a good boy. He was asked to choose a toothbrush and he chosed a blue one (yesterday was a all blue affair .. shirt, trouser) and the nurses was having fun with him as he was so playful and in good mood. Got some Spiderman stickers too. If only he was like this for all his medical appointments...
: )

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