Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Its Convocation time again ...

Its that time of the year again.. Convocation.. Time to wake up early and go and wait, and wait, and wait... I will be at the first and last session.. first session for the Graduate students (sad that this year none of my PhD and Master [by research] could make it.. but at least a few of my Corporate MBA students who did their Research Paper under my supervision will be there) and the last session for the Faculty of Economics and Business undergraduate students.
And this time I dont have to bother about the robe and cap anymore .. why .. coz I bought my own based on Otago University's robe and cap. Yaa.. but I think I have put on weight....lol...
Guess this will be the last time at the old campus hall.. as the near Hall is nearing completion. As usual there will the Convocation Fair (Pesta Konvo) .. more food and hopefully some souvenirs.. So those who are in Kuching during these dates.. drop by to UNIMAS and enjoy the fair.. usually there will be a variety of activities. I'll be at home. LOL.

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