Friday, September 24, 2010

Jeffrey Jee's Viva

I don't think I can go through another Viva again but there are a lot more students under me, waiting.. so guess I am going to experience this stress over and over again. The stress of not knowing what the examiners think of the work and whether the effort that you have placed in the work will pass the test or not. I know there will be mistakes, the issue is whether the mistake is small or big and thus effect the student.
Jee Teck Weng, my Masters (Marketing) by research student had his Viva today. It was mostly OK but with one or two major issues that this time thanks to the examiners can be tackled. Yet the stress of the whole thing... maybe I must learn to distance myself from my students, but that's not me. A friend asked me why must I be stressed out for as the comments etc are for the student, not me. Thinking of it, its because I pour myself into my students work. I am involved in every part of their work. I know they are not good (yet) but they do try and when the work is sufficient to pass then I let them go for examination.
The comments are not directly to me, but the insinuation is on me. At least that's how I see it. That is why when examiners comments are hurtful to my student, it is more hurtful to me. I guess I must learn to distance myself from my students a bit more.
Nevertheless I find it a joy to impart my academic knowledge as well as world view to those who are supposed to be close to me. For me, my PhD and Masters students are family and take priority. The way I see it, when they publish their work, I also benefit. Recently, Mohsin (my ex PhD student) published in a credible journal and my name is there too. Yaa...
I also see it as a way to impart my world view and beliefs to them, hopefully to create academics (or non-academics.. the choice is theirs) that are ethical yet caring for others, soft spoken yet knowledgeable. They are my legacy.. even if I do turn blind, I have these guys and gals who spent some time with me on their journey of life (be it research or even CMBA) to continue on for me.
Congratulations Jee. I pray that you will do better than me.

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