Monday, June 6, 2011


I didnt realize towels were such a desired commodity... until I went with my family for our holiday. Being naive, we didnt pack any towels, as when I traveled in the past, the hotel will always provide towels, to the point that I could have more than I ever wanted... or at least I thought.
Arrived at the first hotel, family in tow. Walter and Vina needed to be washed and change their diapers... and there was two towels only.. so I naively asked the cleaning lady (who happened to be there when we were checking in)... and was told no extra towels were available. Wow. I was paying RM280++ for a room and there was no extra towels. I called Housekeeping, same thing.. except she did suggest that if and when our towels were wet and we wanted to change them, perhaps we could call Housekeeping again. I wonder what she was thinking that I was doing at that very moment?
We then went to Cameron Highlands. I thought this time it would be better... guess what... yup, no extra towels.
By the time we reached Genting Highlands, I gave up asking. Why? The towels were so thin and used.. we just sighed.. especially after that extremely long queue to get a number to queue to check in. One would expect that the hotel would be making money by the bundle could provide an extra towel... but noooo.
Then back to Kuala Lumpur.. same hotel... so you can guess the answer to my request for a towel.. felt like I was begging.. and did initially think I should just go down to the shops and buy one.
Lessons I learnt, Malaysian hotels are usually useless from a service perspective.. and next time I travel with the family, bring along the family's towels.
BTW, I noticed that most of the staff were foreigners...but thats another matter...

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