Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Happy Birthday to me

Happy Birthday to me
Happy Birthday to me
Happy Birthday to.. well, I guess its me...
Happy Birthday to

Not really yahoo. Its just another day. Getting older, wonder if I am getting wiser. I know that I am not losing weight and that I will have a crappy old age, health wise, if I dont do anything about that soon.
Got a call, just after midnight.. from an old friend, Sreedaran Nair.. from Ipoh... wishing me Happy Birthday, had a nice chat, sad to hear that he had a few health issues.. but good to know he has a 'leng loi' now..

I want a nice superbike for me to enjoy...
Wonder who I know can afford to give me one for my birthday.. ha ha ha
Nevertheless, I think I should reward myself with a bike, only if I lose weight... but then again, wonder how long will that take.. LOL.

Was watching House on TV last night,
where he finds there is no more excitement (in the final scenes he jumped off the building into a pool). Kinda relate to that as I find my days are long and dreary, with demands/backstabbing/negativity and all of that kind coming from every side, with little / petty or no reward to me. Physically tired too (coz out of shape and fat) and with demands from family n friends.. just tired. Rather annoyed when people ask me to do things for them but there is nothing in it for me, usually dont mind.. but it seems to be getting more and more and more... sometimes I wonder if I am being used. Bored too with the mundane politicking of small minds trying to bang their empty cans as much as they can while actually doing nothing or the lack of effort of the many in their endeavors, especially when it impacts me and my work. Had a call from a friend in KL, and somehow or rather we agreed that the young were trying to do expand the least amount of effort for the most amount of reward. A case in point, I got an email from a student, who got a C+, asking for a higher grade.. not asking for an A but a B will do. What?

On a brighter note, I work up to a smiling son, naive to the world in his Down Syndrome way, saying "Daddy, Walter want see V (TV)." All the ails, pain, grief, just fall away when he smiles. One kiss from Vina makes up for all her actions. A smile from my beautiful wife clears the day.
And so I continue, I persevere, for their sake.

Must make it fun though.. cant last long without that.
: )

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