Monday, August 15, 2011


Went for my Professor (VK6) post interview recently. Was rather comfortable and relaxed on the whole thing, as I had come to an acceptance of the whole procedure. I know I am qualified, but I also realize it is not me who decides, and more importantly it is how others perceive whether I am qualified or not.
My wife dressed me She has good taste, in this purple shirt and red tie with a blueish black work suit over it. Doren is a very stylish lady, she knows what looks good. Me .. I would just wear shorts and a I lugged a bag full of my journals and books (you can see the bag by the side of the table) as this was requested, made me sweat coming there.. at least there was airconditioning.. lol.. I need to lose weight. This was the room I was asked to wait in.. and as I waited I corrected a students thesis (told you I was calm of the whole process).
I was the first to be called in, sat down and was asked a few questions, basically on what I have done (only after my recent .. well 5 years ago, promotion) and I thought I did well. The only sticking point (for me at least) was the idea that I needed followers at the faculty.. of which I explained that I did work with anyone who wanted to work with me (emphasis on work) and that I had a larger following throughout the world. The interview ended there, which I thought was rather sad.. there was so much that I have done, but so little time to highlight it all.
Now we wait for their decision.
For all those who have prayed for me and wished me well, thank you and may God return to you in His goodness, tenfold, hundredfold, of all your wishes to me.
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