Monday, August 8, 2011

Why the fuss?

Annoyed, don't these newspapers have better things to do than to create discord and disunity..
After the earlier "reporting" in our newspapers of how Christians want to take over the nation, I find it very difficult to trust what the newspapers and the 'authorities' say. The earlier incident was fabricated from just words of some bloggers without any checking at the source and then after the hoo haa, died down. Then the recent raid on a church, and now this. I find it very difficult to swallow the "truths' purported by these newspapers and suspect that this will blow up for a while and then die down again as sane minds prevail (hopefully).
But I just wonder why this and why now?
The article goes to say that Datuk Hassan Ali stated "Christians had used the words “Quran” and “pray” in front of Muslims which he noted was a breach of Islamic law."
We (Christians who use Bahasa Malaysia) have been saying these and many other words from time immemorial... why, because we also use Bahasa Malaysia in our services and the words mean the same thing to us as to others. I grew up in Terengganu and am aware that the state has similar laws that prohibit the use of such words by non-Muslims, but everyone did use it as they were common words.
And what is our government doing about all this?
And on the matter of the current brouhaha, so what if a church helps people of other faith..churches have been helping people from day one and so should other persons of religion instead of creating discord. Any religion would want us to do good right? I am unaware of any religion that demands one to do bad... if there is please do enlighten me. I am doubtful of these stories, especially after the bad reporting earlier. If I am poor and in need and someone gives me money, I will take it and say thank you. It doesn't mean the person who gave the money to me owns my soul and neither does it mean I sold my soul to them.
Churches have been donating and giving away food, things and funds for ages. It has never been a way to proselyte because the moment the food, things and funds stop, the person leaves the religion..LOL. The act of giving is an act of charity that is required of all religions, unless we become so religion centric that we are forced to only help those of our religion.. that will be a sad day indeed.
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